Friday, December 31, 2010

Paris: Arrival

We got to Paris today, visited the Arch. Interesting place, Paris. It was really busy (New Year's Eve), everyone's pretty, and it's great to finally back in a big city. I missed New York for a while.




Singles_Composite copy

A little composite photo. The above is my brother, the one below is a tree on the way to France.


A different view of Paris.


Funny story. I was on the train for about 15 minutes, really wanting to take this picture. And, without much surprise, this guy's stare was preventing me from embarking on my journey. So, before the last stop, I got a rough focus, got the exposure, and right before I got off the metro, I snapped it. This is probably my favorite picture so far, if anything for the chuckles.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Switzerland Panoramas and Geneva

Took a train to Geneva to meet my brother's friend, Beau. Took more panoramas and finally had food that was reasonably priced (and tasty). Since Geneva is near France, everyone here speaks French and maybe the proximity has something to do with the pricing and taste of food. Where we're staying, Basel, everyone speaks German or Swiss-German. The minimum wage of Switzerland is also around 13 Swiss Francs, which is probably why everything seems so expensive.

20101228-Geneva Train Panorama

A train stop where we transferred while traveling to Geneva.

20101228-Cathedral 1 Panorama

This is a cathedral in Geneva. Don't know the name of it. I'm not a good tourist. I'm ok with that.

20101228-Panorama - Geneva River

I think this is where Lake Geneva empties into Rhone River, and the fountain on the left is Jet d'Eau. Don't let the picture fool you. That thing is huge.


This is a museum around Head, a big design institute in Geneva. I think it was closed, so we have a loitering shot. In the foreground is Brett, Beau has her back to us, and on the left is Orson Welles. He ain't dead.


These guys were at a river-side restaurant playing cards. They seem content.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Switzerland Day...4(?)

Starting to lose track of the days. Took a quick trip to the market during sunset, and the light was pretty nice.


The inside of the train station was lit from the other side, giving this strange effect of a glowing train station.


Not to mention the ability to smoke inside it, which made for some dramatic lighting.

Going to Geneva tomorrow, and hopefully I'll get some nice panorama shots.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Switzerland Day 3: Boat Ride

We went on a boat ride, in Lake Zurich.


I tried using the photo stitching feature in Photoshop CS3, and it came out pretty well. Not the most impressive picture though. Better ones to come, and I'll try to find a host that can support full sized images.


There was a gas-powered torch at the dock, probably for warming yourself while waiting for the boat? This guy's got the right idea.


A man takes a smoke-break while we pass by.


The town of Zurich, lit up, almost like it's filled with stars.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Switzerland Day 2: Snow

It snowed today. It was damn beautiful.


We rode a train to Bern, and the snow made for some great moments


These kids were practicing soccer in the morning, in the pouring snow. This is not a good picture, but they deserve some recognition for their commitment.


Though the food has yet to really impress me, the scenery in Switzerland, especially with the snow, it's really beautiful.


Again, too many wide shots...whatever.

Switzerland Day 1

I'm in Switzerland and these are pictures from my first day.


Ferry conductor.


Looking out onto the Rhein River, with the four-legged beast.


A bridge over the Rhein River.


Two types of tourists.

I need to take less wide pictures and start getting closer to my subject. I'll consider this post the establishing shot.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Phone Phun

Inspired by Damon Winter's pictures of the war, which he took with his iPhone, I bought the same app and gave it a go. Cell phone pictures are interesting because people are much more natural around a phone pointing at them, and you always have your phone with you, so you get "those moments" that would otherwise would be lost.

I started with less journalistic and more portrait-oriented pictures.




Dominic, falafel chef